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Welcome                             to the Inner Circle

One certainty in these uncertain times: the economy of tomorrow is circular. The European Green Deal and changing legislation are signs of a new economic era.

We are a community of circular economy businesses that assists companies in navigating the possibilities of circular business models and value chains.

We connect industry leaders, SMEs, and startups with top innovators and a growing network of experts, mentors, and investors to accelerate circular growth in the economy of tomorrow.

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The Circular Hub?

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What if significant challenges such as climate change, material scarcity, transitions, ethical consumers, and new legislation actually present opportunities for your business to thrive?

The Circular Hub assists your organization in identifying these opportunities and transforming them into driving forces for your business growth.

This journey is unique for each company, as there is no one-size-fits-all path to circular entrepreneurship.

The Circular Hub guides you into the circular business community, demonstrating how your company can successfully grow within the principles of the economy of tomorrow.

As a company, you have the choice between two programs: the Circular Kickstart and Into the Circle. Explore them now.

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